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Network with purpose and passion, meaning and joy.
Find your authentic power and accelerate your impact

As we celebrate more than 20 years of modelling, empowering, connecting, developing, inspiring and mobilizing women in the global, feminine and authentic way, we are now preparing for the myriad challenges and opportunities that the upcoming decades will present. As we develop our global initiative, we are keen to garner your views and ideas. 

Each year, we gather in cities across Europe to explore what it means to take our world, work and lives to the next level and realize many more dreams. We explore how we as empowered women can contribute to the world, work and our lives with even more clarity, meaning, and power  

Besides sharing our visions, we also come together to listen to the dreams, needs, experiences, hopes and desires of women and men around the world. Through these events, we ensure that all voices are heard as we finalize the agenda for the Global WINConference.

Mobilizing women events include a panel conversation hosted by WIN Founder, Kristin Engvig, and WIN's classic Networking with Purpose, Passion and Pleasure workshop to initiate the mobilizing of ideas, dreams, experiences, business contacts and more. It also sometimes includes a screening of In the Right Light - the Story of WIN.

Be a part of our gathering to connect or re-connect with WIN, with others and with your own vision. 

Dates for upcoming Mobilizing events will be announced soon. 

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