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“Being inclusive and embracing diversity is a daily practice. It is a way to grow at an individual level and to evolve collectively. It requests your open heart and your deep commitment. I experience that when I am well connected to myself, my intuition and to others I feel so much more safe inside and it becomes easier to take risks”


Kristin Engvig is the founder and CEO of WIN & WINConference. She is a renowned thought leader, speaker and the driving force behind WIN's activities and the evolution of the feminine leadership journey.

She transformed her vision of ‘bringing a more feminine, global and sustainable vision into work, communities and life’ through the creation of the WINConference. The mission is to inspire women worldwide by empowering, developing and connecting leaders in a way that integrates feminine values, global awareness and authentic contribution.

She was born in Kristiansund, Norway. She comes from an artistic family. Her father was a photographer and she was raised in his studio. She was influenced by her mother, a nurse, a large family, and surrounded by nature and the ocean. In 1997, she started Women's International Networking (WIN ) after working for JPMorgan and Citibank in Milan. All from her kitchen table. WIN was initially created as an umbrella organization for international women's associations and as a learning platform to prepare leaders for the future. She became involved in the international community in Milan and saw an opportunity to create a new way of doing business based on feminine principles and support for women working globally.

In 1998, thanks to sponsorship from SDA Bocconi School of Management and with the help of a group of enthusiastic volunteers and companies, the first WINConference was born. In 2002, at WIN, the international women's associations who were part of it, joined PWN Paris in creating the European Professional Women's Network (PWN) contributing to the success of the initiative. From that moment, WIN intensified its focus on thought leadership, globalizing the WINConference, and WIN company learning events as initiatives to empower and enable women worldwide within WIN’s innovative framework for change and inspiration. Kristin through WIN has contributed to new ways of looking at the term success, to language on feminine ways of being and doing business, to the success of numerous diversity and inclusion initiatives, women’s networks, not to mention to the incredible success of numerous women’s careers and their more whole, empowered and authentic choices in life.

Kristin holds an MSc in Business and Marketing from BI, Oslo, an MBA in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan. She has taken numerous courses in Coaching, Psychology, Kundalini Yoga, Zen, and studied acting and creativity at Studio De Fazio in Rome. She is the mother of one boy, Leonardo.

She was awarded the CEO-For Life award in 2021 and was named among Diversity Global Magazine's Top 10 Influential Women in Global Diversity. In 2010, Kristin was the winner of The International Alliance of Women (IAW) Award. She attends high-level meetings such as the W7 meeting held in connection with Italy hosting the G7 meeting, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo and facilitated a senior leader forum in the SDG tent during Davos 2020.

With more than 25 years of daily experiences working with women from all continents, Kristin believes women's authentic, empowered and inspired leadership is a vital responsibility of our time.

In the Right Light - The Story of WIN

"In the right light - the Story of WIN" is a docu-film by Italian film director Pasquale Esposito released in 2016. It tells the story of WIN and its founder Kristin Engvig. It was shot in Norway, Rome and Berlin. It features among others gender expert Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, women's rights activist Lorella Zanardo, campaigner Anke Domscheit- Berg and founder of Maison Shalom Marguerite (Maggy) Barankitse.


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