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Due to the global pandemic, the 2020 India in-person WINConference has been postponed. Please watch this space for an update on new dates and on-line meetings.

Women are introducing, leading and creating the future of initiatives and organizations across different fields, industries, companies, communities, and nations. The WINConference gives you the inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts for you to succeed and prepare for the future!

We typically gather in India for a 1.5 – 2 days WINConference to shape a future that benefits all. Top business leaders, NGOs, activists, and politicians meet in vibrant and diverse setting, integrating the divine feminine with modern business practices and tools. We inspire and are inspired as we accelerate the empowerment of more women across the globe.

Our vision is to model an integrated global leader as we empower, develop and connect leaders in a feminine, authentic and global way. Through world-class plenary sessions, practical workshops, benchmarking forums and coaching – we provide communities, companies and individual leaders the possibility to grow and contribute to a world in which we all flourish.


  • How women are shaping the future of India and the planet
  • How we can accelerate the change and participation of women in decision making, entrepreneurship, corporations and in leading communities
  • Corporate practices - how leaders, women, and men can better create inclusive workplaces, work-life balance, and opportunities
  • How each and every one can become a flourishing global, authentic and feminine leader
  • How women can take charge, in the first person, lead the change, empower women and shape the future
  • How to become a change maker, and contribute to the betterment of society or support those that do
  • The WIN Inspiring Women India Award
  • The WIN Girls Project

Due to the global pandemic, the 2020 India WINConference has been postponed. A special on-line session at the Global WIN conference will also address topics of particular interest to participants from India.

Please watch this space for more details and feel free to write to for more on sponsorship and partnership opportunities.