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At WIN, we develop as conscious inspired leaders, run businesses and organizations with purpose, create careers with meaning and pioneer a world that works for all. 

WIN is a global leadership initiative for women and men who want to be part of expanding the new paradigm of leading authentically, integrating feminine values and embracing our global interconnectedness.

With its highly creative and holistic take on business topics, it has celebrated and transformed the lives of thousands of women and impacted hundreds of companies. It inspires leaders to embark on conscious leadership journeys, create & run organizations with noble values and awareness, and to live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm. 

WIN’s flagship convening, the Global WINConference & WIN Live, bring a high frequency experience and framework for change in the world. Addressing the World, Work and You through a feminine lens, it prepares the participants for the future. Each meeting opens up new spaces for how we can live to our highest potential and make our best contribution as agents of possibility. WIN has been running since 1997 and is the most established initiative, advocacy and learning forum on emerging leadership and female empowerment in Europe 

Your story becomes part of a bigger vision.
(WIN – Women’s International Networking)


Welcome to the World of WIN A Letter from WIN Founder Kristin Engvig

Wether you are a senior leader, a woman in politics or business, a middle manager, an entrepreneur, an artist, NGO leader, retired, a young next generation woman or anyone with a desire to be part of expanding the new feminine paradigm, WIN is probably for you.
It is created for modern Renaissance women and conscious men as well as the organizations they are a part of. Participating in WIN means joining the future, ushering in an era where all women’s voices are heard, feminine values embodied, global awareness and responsibility integrated, and enables your authentic contribution to the norm. Together we are exploring new ways of working, living and leading as we bring alive a world where business and society flourish and people thrive.

WIN is not only about the magic energy, the creative approach or the ease of connecting, it is about stepping into a frequency of love, enabling you to see what is possible, and then getting on with it through conscious business, quality connections and practical application.
We share stories, evolve practices, learn new skills, mentor and reveal the powerful you - the unique person aligned with her highest self, who leads organizations, communities and individuals towards a bright future.

In a time where grounded optimism, the best of technology and the finest of humanity is asked for, WIN is, just like you, here for a reason.

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WIN inspires conscious women to step into decision making roles, progress their careers, excel in politics and business while encouraging artists and activists as well as those at new frontiers. Trailblazers and leaders on a journey of growth come to WIN to tap into the unique energy and the network of influence that facilitates their work in the world. Likewise, companies set to create thriving, sustainable and gender-balanced organizations with high values and purpose come to WIN to expand their vision.
At WIN we work to develop ourselves from the inside and find or expand our unique path, contribute with authenticity and heart and integrate feminine values, always supporting each other in making dreams come true. 
We know it is not only about women, nor only about the feminine.
We build bridges.
We work globally, with men and across generations to create worlds, work and lives that benefit all.
We connect. We integrate.
We find common ground and what lights us up.
WIN’s inspiring plenary experiences, interactive workshops, wellness sessions and mindful networking ensures that everyone grows.
Clearly, solving the many challenges of our time requires our compassionate leadership and our vital passion to sustain it. We are all agents of possibility. We know we are part of an interdependent system and that how each and every one of us contributes matters.
You may feel called to be a part of it and you are invited to join as we gather for the Global WIN Live the on-line edition of the flagship WIN Conference. You are also invited to create or join smaller hubs leading the way in Creating a New Beginning. On our way, we find our truth; we trust, we create and co-create. Always with joy. Now is our time.

With love and courage
Kristin Engvig, founder


WIN Nigeria

Pioneering the Future

Join 250 leaders from different countries to look at how to shape a future that

WIN India

Shaping the Future

Held in India, it allows visionary business leaders, NGOs, activists and politicians

WIN Japan

Opening Possibilities

Held in Tokyo each spring and open to leaders worldwide. With the unique WIN touch

WIN Award

Recognizing outstanding women

Each year WIN honors distinguished women for their dedication and hardwork

Speakers and chairs

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

French CEO, 20-First

Ditta Sandico

Fashion Designer, Phillpino

Getrude Matshe

CEO, Black Kiwi Publishing

Helen Eriksen

Danish, Director, Business

Kaouthar Darmoni

Dr, Assistant Professor

Suzanne Anderson

Canadian Principal

Bethany Webster

American, CEO

Rajendra Sisodia

Co-founder & Co-chairman CC Inc

Anne Pelagie Yotchou

Coordinator of Ladies Circle

John Niland


Amy Carroll

Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio host

Lorella Zanardo

Women's Rights Activist, Author